Core Areas of Development

Each Co-Curricular opportunity has at least one Core Area of Development linked to it. These areas of development represent the tangible skills students can gain through participation in each activity, making them well-rounded and competitive as they move ahead in their personal and professional lives.

Career Preparation

Develop career search skills, career development strategies and understanding of professional culture.

Commitment to Learning

Develop awareness of, and use, skills and strategies to enhance engagement and learning both within and beyond the classroom.


Develop tools, resources and strategies for effective oral, non-verbal and written communication in public, personal and professional settings.


Develop an understanding, appreciation and ability to advocate for different points of intersectionality, including culture, sexual identity, religion, and ability.

Engaging the Arts

Develop an awareness of, and appreciation for, the history, production, consumption, cultural meaning and/or business of arts and media.

Global Awareness

Engage in local and international experiences that promote the development of intercultural competencies, as well as awareness of global issues.

Health & Wellness

Develop and use tools, resources and strategies for a healthy, balanced lifestyle that supports mental, physical and spiritual wellness.


Lead people and projects, work effectively as part of a team, take initiative and empower others to achieve identified goals.


Understand and communicate personal values, beliefs and attitudes.

Social Responsibility

Understand social issues, develop a sense of active citizenship, and support the sustainable development of local and global communities.